“Oh of course you know Dave! Homeless Dave!”

I would say I like to keep my people-judging minimal. I am very empathetic and can gel with people from many walks of life. Ultimately, we are all human, we are all equal and often our first impressions aren’t always accurate. I remember a waitor automatically serving me my friends burger and handing her my salad, assuming because she was the slimmer one she would be eating salad and I was furious! Every time we visited the restaurant I  would be offended merely by his presence. Then we finally met in another setting and got on like a house on fire and he is now a great friend of mine. ,

To be honest I think if you took one look at my close circle you would see that they aren’t all typical folk, they are all a cluster of completely unique people. We all have different interests, some are 20 some are 75, some are college law tutors, some are jobless, some take drugs, some don’t touch alcohol or tobacco, some are transgender, some don’t know what transgender means, some are straight, some are gay, some own houses, some are homeless (me, usually lol) but all of them are absolutely cracking people.

And so I thought I would share my story of one of the weird and depending how you look at it, wonderful people in my life. His name is Dave and I he has lived with me for over a year, I don’t know his full name, phone number (if he has one), age… I actually don’t know anything about him apart from he is vegetarian and he has a girlfriend. Except, his girlfriend told me she was cooking him gammon for Christmas last year so kind of feel like he lied to me about being vegetarian.

Dave lives in the shed in my back garden.

He was homeless, sleeping rough and  begging outside Tesco when my Mum’s good nature and kind heart grasped her by the shoulders and marched her up to Dave to tell him he could sleep in our shed through winter. So he brought his sleeping back and his rucksack and made a bed in our little wooden shed and he slept there on cold winter nights.

There was one condition, knock on the door and let us know because she has a 21 year old daughter who might get a bit freaked out if she goes in the garden and finds a man sleeping in it.

So naturally, Homeless Dave stayed his first night, making sure to let us know.. and never left! He never knocked on our door again, he just parked his arse and made his shed a home. My Mum even moved to her boyfriends for a while and alone in a 7 bedroom house with a shifty man in the shed. Luckily I have a German Shepherd and another big dog (she is a cross, we don’t know which breeds) who are very good at mouthing off when anyone comes within 10 feet of the house.

Of course, there are pros and cons to weigh up in this arrangement.

Cons: I caught him and his friend taking spice at my garden gate, he has written and drawn religious markings on my shed, the neighbours have complained, the police have been round asking me to remove him, he sometimes knocks on the back door really late at night, he has graffiti’d the shed, he told me he would clean up the dog poo for me as rent and never once picked up a poo.

Pros: It may not be a home but at least he has a roof to sleep under and people to call on if he needs help, he got my Mum a Hoover to use when hers broke, he hangs art up outside the shed, he has let me borrow his lighter, he doesn’t make much noise, he gave me some resin and i don’t even like it but it was nice to see it again for nostalgia, he really adds character to the place.

But all in all, I don’t mind having Dave there. I don’t see him very often and at least the guy isn’t sleeping out on the streets. He doesn’t bring trouble to my house and he is always trying to be helpful and he is always polite. And he definitely brings character to the place!

I think there is too much judging in this world, along with so much harshness, brutality and hate, the best thing for us to do is love and be kind. Create some good karma and spread the love because everybody goes through tough times and you can never tell who.

A lot of people think we are crazy, people have asked me to “get rid” of him, people turn their nose up but you know what? Fuck them!


and his current art piece placed outisde:









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